icd10md bundleNew modules have been added and CME available again! Click to see Dr. Remer’s Documentation Modules.

The only adult learning modules for clinical documentation designed by an MD for clinicians to absorb anywhere at their convenience, complete with up to 8 hours CME. Guaranteed to permanently change perception of CDI and documentation behavior. Your patients and Case Mix Index will thank you!

If only they understood
Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI).

If only they could take advantage of
ICD-10’s robustness.

Let our MD experts help them.

Why Are You Here?

  • U.S. News & World Report Rankings
  • Case Mix Index
  • MS-DRG Mix
  • Risk-adjusted Mortality Index
  • Other O/E Quality Metrics
  • PSI / HAC / HAI
  • ACO bonus
  • Medicare Risk Adjustment Factor
  • HCC

What Do You Want?

  • High quality, high value patient care
  • Improved clinical communication
  • Optimal diagnoses
  • Appropriate DRG assignment
  • Optimized quality metrics
  • Correct reimbursement
  • MIPS maximization

How Can We Help?

  • Engaging, inspiring Peer-to-Peer education
  • Targeted medical record review
  • Resident education on best practice
  • Provider/CDIS/Coder feedback
  • Physician Advisor training