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CME ONLY AVAILABLE until November 30, 2022. Documentation is critical to providing excellent care to patients and demonstrating the quality of care given. Provider and institutional reimbursement are also dependent on accurate depiction of the patient encounter. Dr. Erica Remer, a nationally renowned clinical documentation expert, draws on her 25 years of clinical practice as an emergency physician to engage fellow clinicians and inspire them to improve their documentation. Responding to frequent lamentations of, “Why didn’t anyone ever teach us this before,” she gives providers the tools to make the patient look as sick and complex as they are, enabling coders to derive the optimal codes for quality and reimbursement risk-adjusted calculations.

Dr. Erica Remer
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All 3 provider modules in your ICD10MD Bundle were exceptional! I’ve waded through many resources and books, but your provider modules are far above the rest. Not only since they provide a glimpse into the physician’s perspective, but one whose enthusiasm, perfectionism and yes, sense of humor — endeared me on the journey to learn more.

John Hitz PhD, CPC, CRC

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